Touchless Employee Attendance Tracking

Set your employees at ease with Lobbytrack's simple, cost-effective, and completely touchless time and attendance tracking feature. Our easy-to-use software enables security and HR teams to implement contactless employee tracking and use the time and attendance data for payroll preparation.

Currently being used by thousands of reputable companies, Lobbytrack is the only application you need to record employee entry and exit, manage visitors, and coordinate emergency evacuation. Employee enrollment is simple for all types of workers including temporary workers, contractors and subcontractors. Import your employee directory or send them email invitations to self-enroll. Once an employee is enrolled, they can sign themselves in and out of the workplace using Lobbytrack Employee App.

Lobbytrack automatically logs employee entry and exit times so you know exactly when and how long an employee was in the office. As Lobbytrack is a touchless solution, your employees will appreciate that you put their safety first!

One-Step Time and Attendance Tracking for Employees

1. Walk Up to the Touchless Kiosk
A tablet running Lobby App displays a QR code as the employee approaches the Touchless Attendance kiosk.

2. Scan the QR Code with Your Phone
The employee scans the QR code with their phone running Employee App. That is it; the employee is marked as signed in or signed out.

Contact-less Sign In
Send Evacuation Order

Manage Evacuation

Lobbytrack's attendance tracking feature automatically adds employees to the evacuation list along with visitors. In case of emergency, your security staff can use Guard App to view a list of visitors and employees still inside the building. Each employee and visitor can be safely evacuated and marked as signed out.

Export Time and Attendance Log

Easily export time and attendance data from the employees sign in log and use it with any payroll system. Standardize the attendance process and eliminate the need for using common-touch PIN pads, unsafe fingerprint scanners, and cumbersome attendance registers. Preparing the payroll was never this easy!

Time and Attendance Log